About NetFilter Small Business

If you are managing computers in a small network, NetFilter Small Business might be the perfect solution for you. Small Business is a computer program that allows the control of stations running NetFilter PC connected to the same network. It is, thus, possible to centralize all configuration and monitoring.

NetFilter Small Business is the ideal solution for computers connected to the same network, as in Internet cafés, libraries, small offices, schools and several small and medium-sized companies. The program offers ease of installation and use coupled with the flexibility and control required in these environments.

NetFilter Small Business' main screen

NetFilter Small Business' main screen, showing a computer being configured

The program can automatically detect the computers connected to the network that are running NetFilter PC. You can, then, directly control the NetFilter program installed in these computers (as long as you know the NetFilter PC password configured for the workstations). Total control is possible — watch the browsing history, allow or block specific websites and configure time restrictions.

You can also choose to synchronize configuration and passwords to ensure an uniform configuration for the whole network. If you prefer, you can divide the computers into groups (for instance, “Finance Dept.” and “Reception”) and keep the configurations synchronized among computers in the same group.

Try NetFilter Small Business today! Contact us for a free trial of NetFilter PC (if needed) by clicking here. You can use the NetFilter PC free trial version with NetFilter Small Business, which can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

The program is compatible with computers running Windows (XP or greater). It’s not required that the controlling computer have NetFilter PC installed. Small business can control all workstations with NetFilter PC installed in your Windows network.