Sobre a NetFilter

NetFilter is a Brazilian software development company, responsible for the creation of content filtering products: NetFilter PC, NetFilter Network, NetFilter for iOS and other products and solutions. Since few years ago, the company has been expanding its portfolio to meet the demand for software adapted to the customer’s needs and development for mobile platforms.

Content filtering is a very current issue that raises concerns for companies, parents and teachers due to the increase in the number of websites containing harmful content. Our mission is to develop software solutions for problems like this, aiming to accelerate the world into an age of digital education and quality of life.

The development of the NetFilter content filtering solutions resulted from years of research on technology, classification techniques, security and the research on similar products available in the US and Europe. The outcome of this work was NetFilter PC as an innovative, reliable technological solution that does not affect the web browsing experience negatively. NetFilter Rede was then developed to cater to some of the same concerns, but with a very different focus: productivity in a connected world.

Tracking the evolution of the society and company, NetFilter turned to mobile platforms and custom-made content filtering and software development solutions. The vision of a safer Internet for our users is still our main source of inspiration.

The NetFilter products were the first to offer content filtering in Brazil. This work has been done since 2001, and our products cater to more than a million users across the whole world today. We take pride not only in the number of users of our products, but also in the satisfaction we can bring to our customers with our products and solutions.