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The misuse of Internet connectivity is a huge concern for companies of all sizes. Employees distracted by Internet futility end up using the company’s computational resources without benefiting the company. It’s essential that management can have control over the content being accessed and define rules for the appropriate use of Internet at the work place.

Misuse of Internet connectivity can also result in legal concerns. A content filtering solution that restricts what web content employees can have access to can prevent potential lawsuits involving disgruntled employees and misuse of Internet resources during work hours.

When the Internet resources are used with no moderation, it’s possible that the company’s bandwidth will be consumed, increasing the IT costs and even saturating the available capacity of the network links. This has become even more common as of late, since employees tend to bring their own mobile devices (laptops, tablets and cell phones) to the work place, and such devices are normally not under the company’s IT staff’s control.

For all those reasons, we highly recommend using a enterprise content filtering solution. For smaller offices, Internet cafés, libraries and other smaller companies with few workstations connected to the same Windows network, we recommend the usage of NetFilter Small Business. Small Business is recommended for its straightforward installation and ease of use.

Companies with more networked computers can rely on NetFilter Network. More flexible, NetFilter Network can perform content filtering at the network level for several protocols, and can perform filtering for thousands of workstations in a single server.

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