Solutions for Home Users

The Internet offers a vast amount of content. However, the Internet is also a channel for the distribution of illegal or adult material. For this very reason, we recommend the usage of a content filter.

A content filter is a software program that, once installed in a computer, protects its users by blocking content considered harmful. NetFilter PC is the content filtering system developed by NetFilter for home users and small companies.

Despite all threats found in the Internet, the richness of the adequate content found in the web can’t be ignored. We consider it important that all can have access to what is best in the Internet, as long as they are protected from virtual threats. The filtering performed by NetFilter is constantly updated to provide a very accurate detection for harmful content, and therefore allowing access to the Internet universe in a way that parents and teachers can rest at ease.

For that and other reasons, we highly recommend the usage of NetFilter PC. Click here and learn more about NetFilter PC. In case you would like to get a free trial of the product, click here and let us know. We will get back to you, providing an activation key which can be used to try NetFilter PC for 7 days.

If you or your children have Apple’s mobile devices (iPads, iPhones or iPods), click here and learn more about NetFilter for iOS.