Mobile Platforms

Crazy Valet

Crazy Valet: Huge success for iOS, now also for Android

As mobile devices (cell phones, tablets and multimedia devices) got increasingly popular in Brazil, NetFilter started to augment its custom solutions portfolio by entering the mobile app development business.

The company pioneered content filtering software development for the iOS platform in the country. Click here to learn more about NetFilter for iOS.

Pesca Palavras

Pesca Palavras: iOS blockbuster puzzle in Brazil

Today, NetFilter counts with over 50 games and apps published for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows Phone 7 and other platforms. Several of our apps reached notoriety and multiple mentions in the iTunes Rewind award promoted by Apple.

We have developed several joint projects with customers and business partners. Our apps have been downloaded in over 4 million mobile devices. These apps constitute a huge advertisement network all over the world.

Bio Energias App

Bio Energias for iOS

We offer app development services adapted to meet the needs of our customers. We also develop integrated solutions that communicate with servers and web systems or systems from different platforms.

Distributing a branded game is an excellent way to spread the word about your brand. We work on the development of games customized for advertising campaigns, as well as content conversion from traditional web content to interactive native apps. We can also convert magazines and books in traditional formats to digital formats with an emphasis on readability in tablets and other mobile devices.

Apps offer great visibility and visual appeal to end users. Don’t let your brand lose the opportunity of being recognized by a new generation of consumers. Click here to contact us, or send an e-mail directly to We are prepared to guide you or your company about the ideal way to develop your app for mobile platforms.