NetFilter for iOS

Apple’s mobile devices (iPhones, iPods and iPads) are increasingly popular. However, we often forget that those devices are indeed little computers connected to the Internet, and thus are subject to the same threats seen in traditional computers.

Link to NetFilter iOS

Use your device to scan this code

Recognizing this vulnerability, NetFilter launched an innovative content filtering product for those devices. The app can be purchased directly from the App Store in your Apple device. For your convenience, you may instead prefer to scan the code shown on the right to be taken to the App Store.

Using this app is very simple. Once installed, NetFilter for iOS works as your stock browser (Safari). It’s possible to disable Safari in the Settings app, in General, Restrictions and configuring a password. This way, users that don’t know the password configured lose access to Safari and end up being forced to use NetFilter as their browser.

Youngsters are getting connected to the world through mobile devices earlier. NetFilter for iOS brings tranquility to parents and the awareness that their children are then protected by the threats found in the Internet.

Available for all of Apple’s mobile devices (iPad tablets, iPhone phones and iPod devices) supporting iOS 4.0 or greater. Learn more about our other solutions for home users.